Nikarl Siberian Cats and Kittens


"Every kitten a masterpiece
in Health, Personality and Beauty..."

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Upcoming Retired Breeders Available. 
Ikebana & Chuko

Photos of 5 Kittens from same parents
were born October 2013...

Nikarl Khrennikov at 10 weeks - Male

Nikarl Natalia at 10 weeks - Female 

Boys, McTabby/White & Van (white body with markings on head, tail, back of legs) 

Girl (Marsha), High-White and Tabby

Boy, Brown McTabby/White

Girl, Black Classic Tabby/White

Boy, Van Pattern

Kittens from litter of 5 born 2013 all adopted.



Nikarl Kabakov at 5 weeks...     and at 3 months
"I am making a wonderful family very happy!" 

Bindi has a home!

Bindi, Tabby and White retired breeder
   was born at Nikarl home cattery to Nikarl Petipa and handsome Anakin of Nikarl.
Bindi was a sweet devoted mother and loves kittens. 
She also enjoys giving kisses!

Katarina, Seal Silver Lynx Point retired breeder
ADOPTED by local special loving family
(members of my church,
whose last cat died recently at age of 20). 
She is the only pet and deeply loved!

My Cat Connection...
Even as a baby, I connected with them...cats and kittens... wherever we met, whether in our living room or back yard, in the homes and yards of family and barns, or on the streets.  I grew up with them in my lap and in my heart.

I have always loved sleeping with cats. Their purring has lulled me to sleep so many millions of times in my lifetime.  Cats have brought comfort to my soul and peace to my heart...along with loving loyal friendships unlike any other. 

During my childhood I began rescuing the lost and homeless, the sick and abused, the neglected...the furtive feral cats who quickly learned I was their friend.  Needless to say, I am glad my parents loved animals, too, as they helped so many times when I brought home my rescues, sometimes dogs and even birds, but usually, and so often, kitties. 

I enjoyed art and writing even in early childhood and cats have always been my favorite subject of drawings, paintings, sculptures, poems and short stories. 

Cat lover, cat crazy, cat comforter, kittycat girl, kitty lady...labels applied to me throughout my life.  I feel blessed to know and love them as I do.  Sometimes I feel sad that I cannot help all those who need help.

I enjoyed my academic studies and aspired to have a career in veterinary medicine; however, even with scholarship promises, circumstances in my life put a hold on my educational goals.  I married at a young age and had precious children. When my daughters were in elementary school I returned to my studies to
pursue a degree in art.  I have worked as a commercial artist, technical illustrator and portrait artist. 
Pet portraits are a specialty.

For many years after raising my daughters, I solely operated my own Project: C.A.T.S (Care About The Strays) in northwest Ohio and lower Michigan.  When the financial burden became more than my husband and I could deal with, I began breeding Siberian Cats.  With the many thousands of homeless cats and kittens in shelters and roaming free, I could only justify breeding the Siberians because of their recent introduction in the United States (in 1990)...and the fact that, with the lower allergen protein in their saliva, I could possibly help individuals and families with cat allergies to have kitties of their own!

Welcome to Nikarl Siberian Cattery!
I hope you enjoy your visit.

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Kittens from 2010 litter.


Remember the rescued cats and kittens in local shelters that need homes!  If you do not have an issue with allergies to cats, I urge you to visit the shelters first to see if someone wrapped in fur and purrs is waiting to pounce into your heart.  ~ Nikki
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