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Ikebana's & Chuko's Kittens, born April 19, 2014
? Teona's & Chuko's Kittens, due in June 2014 ?


Baby Teona and Ketevan, daughters of Bindi.

Nikarl Siberian Cats and Kittens -
Very Devoted and Sweet Personalities!

Affectionate, beautiful Bindi 

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Kittens are raised in a clean non-smoking home environment with young children visiting, family activities, lots of safe kitty toys, cuddling and playtime. 

They go to their adoptive homes as very friendly, affectionate, playful, socialized pets that are healthy, litter-trained, free of parasites and well-groomed.  All cats and kittens are fed a high-quality holistic meat-protein diet.  They receive full veterinary care from ethical professional veterinarians, are tested and checked for viral and genetic diseases and disorders and receive one or two killed-virus vaccines before going to their new homes.

Health of kittens is guaranteed.

Adoption fees help with the expenses of rescued stray cats. 

Only Show Quality Kittens can be shown. I
f purchased as pets, they must be altered (neutered or spayed).  

 Showing cats can be fun for all ages! 

Adoption Fees of Kittens As Pets
$1200 - 1500

*Most "Pet " Kittens are actually show/breeder quality but are sold as pets, as my priority in breeding is to provide pet-loving people with beloved pets that will become part of the family. 

Adoption Fees of Kittens As Breeders ~
(when approved)

$2200 - 2400

Retired Breeders are $300 - $700 
to approved homes. NO DOGS!
(Neutered or Spayed)  
No Shipping of adults.
Every cat goes home with supplies!

Some retired breeders can also be shown as alters.

Adoption fees for Breeder Cats/Kittens 

At this time I do not offer breeder kittens to new breeders. 
Please contact me if you are considering breeding
Siberian Cats, as I do offer a storehouse of valuable
information, along with advice.

I sometimes have breeder-quality kittens or cats for approved homes to be adopted at pet price (and with option to receive a kitten from a breeding) with an opportunity of being a part of my breeding program under my direction. I prefer placing these kittens and cats locally, in Ohio or lower Michigan.

There is no way that I can guarantee how any kitten will do in
the show ring, but for the people who adopt show/breeder
quality, I do my best at selecting the highest quality kittens 
that, when mature at 3 years of age, will most likely meet
the breed standard as described by T.I.C.A.  
If a kitten appears to be show quality
when adopted, yet
develops into a pet quality cat, I will offer a show quality
kitten at pet price, with the possibility of an
additional discount

Delivery of Kittens ~ Although pick-up or personal delivery is preferred, shipping can be arranged for the continental U.S. and Canada with an additional fee of $375 for veterinary certificate, kennel/carrier, airport travel and shipping expenses.  
Shipping expense may be different for outside U.S.,
so fee may be different. 
If I decide to travel in the continental U.S. to deliver your kitten personally, this fee will not change. 

Every adoption includes an adoption agreement contract,
a copy of the
parents' pedigrees, veterinary records and
health certificate, a guarantee from the breeder
and discounts on
professional portraits. 

Also included: toys, care instructions, baby photos and a blanky, sometimes a kennel-carrier...
unlimited advice!

Your Special Siberian Kitten...

Please  see Nikarl page for information on what to look for when searching for a kitten.


Contact Nikki for more information. 

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  Nikarl Siberian Cattery
is registered with T.I.C.A. and C.F.A.
Nikarl Siberian Cats & Kittens
are registered with T.I.C.A.



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