Nikarl Siberian Cats and Kittens


This special page is dedicated to all my cat friends, many who wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge meadow, some who reside with other families ... and others who delight my days now with their loving devotion...who all live forever in my heart and in my soul. 

Not all of them are pictured that would be impossible.  Yet, my heart knows each one...and remembers.

 The memory of their purrs is the music in my soul...

Nosa, our 15 year old darling pet Persian (born August 29, 1997), named after Nose.

My Silver Puff, born August 18, 2005
Puff''s photos are at the tops of the pages.

In Memory...

Beautiful Isaac, March 16, 1989 - September 25, 2001

Our "Cougar Cat" Briggs, March 1990 - October 4, 2004

Beloved Nose, March 7, 1971 - January 30, 1989

In Other Homes...

Sweet, loving Kisa, born August 1, 2003, residing now in Grand Rapids, Michigan
with a fabulous "mom," Ann.

Handsome Zareka, born July 2005, residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan
with a wonderful "mom," Wanda.

Weebles                                    Jaro

Our Outdoor Rescues...



Buddy and Ivy

Also, coming soon.

And Big Blue, who I think belongs to a neighbor
but enjoys a free meal now and then. 



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