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Tabbies from May 23, 2012 litter of 6 kittens born to Colina and Oliver

I offer sincere  advice to those seeking to adopt a cat or kitten.  This is a special time in your life when you are in search for your unique kitty that will become a significant part of your life and the lives of your family members. You will want it to be a time you can treasure throughout the years. As you may already know, there are good and bad breeders, so be careful from where you adopt your new kitty friend.  It is utterly important to avoid  the "kitten mills" and "backyard breeders" that sadly exist in our society (and to report these situations if they are encountered), but it is also important to recognize a suspicious advertisement for purebreds that ask for unrealistic adoption fees, or that don't have information on the parents of the kittens.  Also, stay away from the "gossip mongers"  who speak negatively and tell lies about other breeders.  

During my twenty plus years of full-time cat rescue work, I saw horrid conditions of cats overcrowded in rooms, cages and even carriers.  Cats are clean animals that are happiest in meticulous environments,...and they have a "comfort level" of space that is required for them to be healthy and happy. Too many animals in any environment will cause stress, depression and sickness. I have witnessed filthy conditions, undernourished cats and kittens and even feral ones residing inside homes of "collectors" and unethical breeders. With live traps, volunteers and lots of time and care, I have been able to remove cats and kittens from these situations and provide them with the help they needed and, eventually, new homes. Whenever I learn of any animal that is abandoned, abused or neglected, my heart aches deeply until I have helped resolve the situation.  Many, many times I have witnessed the new vibrancy of a rescued kitty's health,...the appreciation and devotion in a cat's eyes after being removed from a bad environment.  When hearing of animal welfare groups rescuing animals from laboratories, puppy mills and inferior shelters, I have always applauded them...and have financially supported these groups.

The "animal collectors" who breed are the ones who keep too many cats and overcrowd them. They try to get by with the lowest costs by feeding cheap foods, using cheap litter or newspaper and skipping necessary veterinary care. The animals do not have toys to play with or cat trees to climb and scratching posts. They have no cozy clean beds to cuddle in...and many never experience a warm lap and a gentle hand caressing them.  (These breeders have no time for such things.)  Their litter boxes are usually filled with feces and urine. The cats and kittens lack human cuddling and interactive playtimes, as well as regular grooming and nail-trims. Their environments, whether in a home or outside building, are usually filthy, smelly, dreary and very depressing. These "backyard breeders" often don't even use discretion with planned mating and do not pay careful attention to genetics, health and pedigrees of the parents. Some of them will even breed their females more than twice a year...and sometimes when a female is pregnant, they are not even sure who the sire is. These breeders are not for the betterment, strength and perseverance of the breed; they are in it for the money.  The cats and kittens from these breeders are usually underfed, undernourished and unsocialized. They are also likely to carry disease and are usually infested with parasites. No animal should ever be subjected to abusive neglect by anyone. Abuse of any kind of an innocent creature is an abomination that should never be ignored! 

 As a lifetime animal lover and pet portrait artist who has participated at various shows as a vendor, I have noticed throughout my many decades of experiences around people involved with animals, namely breeders and exhibitors, that there is another group of breeders to avoid.  They are the self-absorbed, dishonest, simple-minded people who, unfortunately, spread malicious gossip and create lies about other breeders,  including those who are successful and established, as well as those who are new and being mentored.  Because of their competitive behavior, these militant people are ranked with the "bad breeders" who see breeding cats as a way to make money. The lies they spread sometimes stem from their own illogical, unreasonable assumptions, perhaps based on gossip they heard from other people like them.  The reasons for their slanderous abuse may be jealousy or for the selfish advancement of their own goals. Some of the gossip mongers may even appear to be conscientious breeders, who may provide clean environments and may have healthy animals, but who are simply mean-spirited and competitive. They definitely may be lacking in knowledge about cats, in general, as well as the breed they claim to represent.  The general public should be warned of the manipulative nature of these people who even use sentimentality as a tool in their pursuit to make themselves look better than others. They are often self-righteous in attitude and, thus, untrustworthy in relationships and business agreements.  In a class of their own, they are responsible for the "bad politics" that exist in the breeding and showing world.  Most truly ethical breeders try to stay clear of them.  

Breeding animals is a dedicated enterprise, a mission for selfless people to devote to a particular breed out of love and respect for that breed.  Breeders should first have the love, and next, the willingness to humbly accept the expenses, time and work involved in serious breeding.  Before purchasing the first cat, every new breeder should spend months learning everything they can about their chosen breed.  They must then be selective about who they buy their cats from for their breeding program...and they must enter the world of breeding with humility, devotion and a willingness to learn from experienced ethical breeders who agree to be mentors.

If anyone would like to see testimonials or references from my past kitty adopters, repeat customers, veterinarians, family or friends or other ethical breeders, please contact me at 

Many blessings are wished for you in the search for your new kitty friend!



There are questions for every person to answer honestly before adopting a Siberian Cat or Kitten.  Most important: Siberians demand and require regular interaction with their families. They need interactive playtime and lots of cuddle time.  They need to follow their family members around... maybe "help" with chores...or take naps on your paperwork...entertain you with their whimsical antics when they seek to engage you in "cat play" ... greet you at the door when you come home.   Are you seeking a cat that is an intelligent natural breed, whose ancestors survived the severe climate of Siberia, yet are needy for attention and affection from people?  A Siberian will be your devoted friend forever.

Are you seeking a cat that will truly be a companion?  Are you ready and willing to be responsible for a pet that does not enjoy being alone for longer than 8 hours at a time (and will miss you even then)?  If you live alone and work full-time, you may want to consider two Siberians!

If a person seeks a cat that they plan to keep separated from the home environment, or one that will be content being "home alone" much of the time...he or she should consider a different breed...perhaps one that is more independent in personality...and, even then, with
any cat, daily attention and affection are requisite for a happy, healthy cat.   If a person seeks a cat that they plan to keep separated from the home environment, ... or one that will be content being "home alone" much of the time .... he or she should consider a different breed... perhaps one that is more independent in personality ... and, even then, with any cat, daily attention
and affection are requisite for a happy, healthy cat.


When a new kitten comes into your home, prepare a safe area that the kitten can stay in for a few days to a week, and then be able to go to when needing privacy.  This area should include the following: a cozy bed, toys, a sisal scratching post, a clean litter box, a ceramic bowl of fresh water and another bowl of dry kitten food (preferably, Wellness Kitten Health and/or CORE dry).  A small plate with about a tablespoon of canned Wellness CORE or Pinnacle can be given 2 times a day.

Always supervise kittens around children and other pets.

All family members --- human, feline, canine, etc. --- should be kept safe from tobacco smoke!  People who feel they must smoke should keep their homes totally free of this pollutant by smoking outside.  Many pets, as well as people, have died as a result of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke. 

Check and clear home environment of string, thread, rubber bands, staples, paper clips, bread ties, plastic ties and other small items that a cat or kitten could ingest.   Electrical outlet safety plug-ins should be used.  Wiring should be wrapped and not exposed.  Be sure there are no household cleaners, disinfectants, candles, etc. within reach. 

If you enjoy plants, be sure to check for the ones that can be around pets.  I advise staying away from any ferns or "grassy" type plants, as cats will readily eat these.  Other toxic plants are diefenbachia, poinsettia, nepthitis, philodendrum, geranium ... Please check the list! 

If you treat your pets like they are 2 - 3 year-old children, you should do well in making your environment a safe and healthy place for your pet to play, sleep, grow and happily thrive!



    Regarding Nikarl Zareka, retired breeder:

The beautiful Zareka has been part of our family for almost a year now. Daily, his presence has given us so much companionship, comfort, and amusement that I view him as our gift from God and I thank Nikki for being the go-between.

Wanda of Ann Arbor, Michigan



Kitten, Nikarl Obadiah 

Hello Nikki...I attached a couple of photos of Obie doing his favorite things. The one is of him "hunting" my daughter's hamster Hammy. He LOVES to watch her, and he especially loves when we put Hammy in her ball and let her run around the house. This provides endless entertainment as Obie chases her and cries at her (he is a talker - we love it!). The other photo is of Obie drinking from a faucet. He races all of us to the bathroom as he is ridiculously enthralled with water. He loves to drinks, bat it, play in it - if there is water around, you can expect to find Obie. His favorite time of day is when all the kids take showers. We have had to watch him because he tries to jump in the shower with the kids! I have never had such an entertaining animal, ever. He loves to help with laundry - although his form of helping involves chasing everything I am trying to fold. He loves bedtime when we are tucking the kids into bed (chases their feet under the covers). He wants to be in the middle of EVERYTHING we are doing. It is wonderful! His most lovey time is mornings. He sleeps on the top of my head (curls up in my hair), and then when we wake up, he gets his motor going and insists on petting. Then in a snap, he goes from loving to full-blown crazy-playtime cat. We think it is so funny. As for the collar, rest assured, it is a cat-safe, quick release collar. We mainly have it on him for the bell. It lets us know where he is. Thank you again for Obie. We enjoy him greatly.

Blessings, Candace


 Thank you so much for the email and photos!  What a wonderful testimonial!  Do you mind if I use it on my web site?

 I must mention that the fun that Obie has with the hamster in the ball may be a type of abuse for the hamster.  He may have a stroke or heart attack someday!  Hamsters are so cute!  My brother, Tom, and I had hamsters when we were kids, along with our other pets. Once Tommy and I put our hamsters together and later discovered that mine had lots of little babies!  Our mother was not happy...

 I hear from a lot from people about their Siberians loving water...

 Blessings, Nikki

Nikki...sure, you can use anything I send you. If you are looking for testimonials I have one about the allergies. We just recently had guests come to stay with us, and the husband is seriously allergic to cats. This man could not get enough of Obie. In fact, Obie slept in bed with him that night and the man had zero problems with his allergies! He couldn't believe it.

 Do you have pictures yet of the new kittens? We are thinking MAYBE that we would like a playmate for Obie. We would love to have a terribly fluffy and playful colourpoint. We haven't completely made up our mind yet, but we are considering it. Now that we have Obie, we would never adopt another cat other than Siberian. So, keep us in mind with this new litter. 


NOTE: I have many testimonials, too many to list them all.  Some can be found on my other web sites.

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