Nikarl Siberian Cats and Kittens

Photos of some of my Siberians

Beautiful, Healthy Kittens...
Colourpoints and Tabbies, 
with and without white.

The cats and kittens in these photos already have homes...

Contact me for information on reserving a kitten.

Priya, daughter of Pavlova and Ponkin
Now a beloved companion in another home...

Jolie, now retired and a princess in a wonderful home in Ohio.
Chekhov, Daughter of Bindi and Ezekeil,
born July 3, 2010

  Brin, Baer and Bilibin
2012 Bindi & Oliver Babies




Past Kittens, now grown cats in their own homes...             



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 More photos can be seen on my other websites...
soon to be updated
soon to be updated

I will be adding photos and making other changes periodically, so check back again!

Baby Bindi



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