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Nikki Wharton-Eby - artist cat specialist
Personalized Portraits for Your Fur Babies

Personalized Portraits for Your Fur Babies

Hi, I am Nikki Wharton Eby, an artist, and a cat specialist. I create custom portraits for people and pets. I am a former Siberian breeder with knowledge of ethical Siberian breeders. I specialize in designing collage portraits, memorial portraits, age progression, wedding invites, birthday cards, to name a few.

My Cat Connection

My love for cats started way too earlier in life. Even when I was a baby, I instantly bonded with cats and kittens whenever I met them in my home, barns, or on the streets. I grew up with them in my lap and heart. It is quite surprising that I have always loved sleeping with cats. Their purring has lulled me to sleep like a million times.

Cats brought comfort to my soul and peace to my heart with their loving, loyal friendships, unlike any other. In my childhood, I began to rescue the homeless, sick, abused, furtive feral cats. When I rescued them, they used to sense that I was their friend instantly. I'm glad my parents also loved animals. They used to help me when I brought home my rescues, sometimes even dogs and birds. But often it was kitties.

Nikki Wharton-Eby - artist cat specialist

Cats & My Love for Art & Writing

My passion for art, writing started in early childhood. Even back then, cats were my favorite subject. I used to create cat drawings, paintings, sculptures, poems, and short stories. My loved ones used to give me cute names like cat lover, cat crazy, cat comforter, kitty cat girl, kitty lady, to name a few.

It is a blissful feeling, but sometimes it makes me sad that I cannot help all those homeless cats out there.

Nikki Wharton-Eby - artist cat specialist

My Career

I enjoyed my academics and aspired to have a career in veterinary medicine. However, even with scholarship promises, the circumstances in my life had put a hold on my educational goals. I got married at a young age and became a mother to my precious children.

To pursue my career in art, I returned to my studies when my daughters were in elementary school. I have worked as a commercial artist, technical illustrator, portrait artist, and obviously, pet portrait was my specialty.

‘Care About The Strays’

For many years of raising my daughters, I solely started my project named C.A.T.S short for Care About The Strays in northwest Ohio and lower Michigan. After a while, my husband and I couldn't deal with the financial burden. So I began breeding Siberian cats.

While there are thousands of homeless cats and kittens out there, I could only justify breeding the Siberians. Siberian cats have lower allergen protein in their saliva, and I encouraged individuals and families with cat allergies to have these kitties of their own.

Nikki Wharton-Eby - artist cat specialist