Explore My Artwork

Explore My Artwork

All artwork is executed in realistic detail and to specifications of each individual order. Careful attention is paid to each subject's special personality. Every piece of artwork is guaranteed. Portraits are created from your favorite 3.5 x 5, 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 photo (S). Other sizes may also be accepted.

Collage portraits (one piece of artwork displaying two or more images of one or more subjects) are my specialty.

Nikki Wharton-Eby - artist cat specialist

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My Poetry

The following poem is a familiar one
to most people. This is my own version...

The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of Heaven is a very special place for our beloved pets. When an animal who has been loved by someone dies, that pet goes to this splendid place of sun-splashed meadows, grassy hills and crystal-blue ponds.

Warm breezes gently caress the trees, as they sway their arms of leaves and blossoms to the music of songbirds.

Butterflies flutter among the grasses and wildflowers, and a brook echoes its musical sound, as it trips around and over rocks through a meadow, winding its way to an orchard, where tranquility lingers in the cool shade of the fruit trees.

There is plenty of space for our friends to run and frolic, and cozy places for them to take naps. They are always warm, content and comfortable.

Animals who were ill and old, hurt or maimed, are restored to health and vigor, made whole and strong again, just as we remember them from days gone by. Every animal is happy, yet, yearns for one thing: the companionship of the special person who was left behind.

All the animals delight in romping and playing together in the warm, bright light of the sun, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. Eyes are bright, ears are pricked forward, as the animal watches and listens intently.

His or her eager body quivers. Suddenly, this pet breaks away from the group, ---legs or wings moving faster and faster, --- and bounds through the emerald green grass, perhaps soaring over it, as you get closer and closer to each other.

You have been spotted! When you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion! Kisses cover your face and you are surrounded with happy sounds of your friend's barking, musical purring or chirping. Again, you look into the trusting eyes and your hands caress the hair, fur or feathers of your cherished pet, so long gone from the world, but always present in your heart.

Even while the warm sunlight embraces you both, a gentle rain begins to fall, creating a radiant rainbow on the horizon that forms a beautiful bridge between this special place and Heaven.

Then, you cross Rainbow Bridge together.

Unknown Author and Nikki Wharton-Eby

I began composing poetry, prose and short stories when I was in first grade in elementary school. Here I have included some cat poems I wrote in the past...

Furtive feline in the shadows, crouched, watching me with emerald eyes, Are you a feral cat or abandoned stray? I hear the hunger in your cries.

Come closer, cat, so we can meet and chat about your presence here; Do you want to know me and be my friend? Come closer to me; do not fear.

Let me take you in my cozy home and show you my gentle touch. Do you have a name, cat? Can I give you one? I shall love you so very much! An angel of animals guided you, sweet cat with your secret past. Will you go inside now so I can feed you? My new friend, you are home, at last!

Nikki Wharton-Eby, Copyright 1998

Scamper scamper through our field to our meadow beyond the hill.

Scamper scamper little friend to our orchard solemn and still.

Skipping running all the way while the summer breezes blow; skipping romping with my friend: My friend is a cat, you know!

Nikki L. Wharton, age 11, Copyright 1970

Small, soft, furry ball of grey where are you going this nice day? Did you just stop to say hello? And when you leave, where will you go?

I'll bring you in and stroke your fur; I'll give you food and hear you purr. But then, small, furry ball of grey, I shall not let you go away!

Nikki L. Wharton, age 15, Copyright 1970

Mound of fur upon my bed, laying down your sleepy head, a night gone by, tummy full, into dreamland now you go.

Shape of round, very still, looking like a furry hill, visions dancing behind eyes closed, I see twitching of your pink nose!

Movement quick! and now I see a cat oblong as can be. One paw moves, then all four, adventure relived just once more.

Whiskers move, then your tail; deep in dreamland how you sail! Peace is yours, as now you sing--- I would not wake you for anything!

Nikki L. Wharton, age 14, Copyright 1970

"A Cat is a poem, a concerto, a painting,
a dance – a masterpiece of Nature!"